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We address the problem of teenage pregnancy, working to improve their living conditions and those of their children through actions that promote integral development and social inclusion. These programs are designed with an inclusive and equitable approach, seeking to provide tools that strengthen the knowledge and autonomy of adolescents, promoting their well-being and that of their children from an integral and holistic perspective.

We comprehensively empower teenage mothers and their children.

Strengthening lives through education, health and integral development in Armenia, Quindío, Colombia.

We are a non-governmental, social and non-profit program of Foundation ZonaJ. We promote the dignity and solidarity of people, to promote the protection of the rights of adolescent mothers and their children, who suffer from poverty, exclusion and inequality.

Through an intervention that allows an integral accompaniment during pre and postpartum, we invest in the development of their physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual capacities, as well as their parental skills so that they can face the challenges ahead with confidence, self-confidence and with hope in Jesus Christ as a model of life.

The Program

How we do it

Our support as a foundation to teenage mothers in inequality in Armenia, Quindío, is based on the following three main aspects.

Salud y bienestar

We design strategies adapted and focused to the needs of our population. We focus on “Maternal and Child Health and Personal Development” seeking to mitigate risks. This approach, centered on cultivating healthy foundations in the physical, psycho-affective and intellectual areas, marks the beginning of our program, preparing adolescents to embrace the responsibility of being mothers.

Education and family

We actively motivate and support the education of teenage mothers, encouraging them to complete high school and offering them training in key skills. We work to strengthen mother-child bonds, address family and couple relationships, and prevent gender-based violence. In this way, we create an environment conducive to the integral development of both mothers and their children.

Training for employment

We focus on the development of specific skills that allow teenage mothers in the program to access job opportunities aligned with the current market. This approach not only aims to increase their earning capacity, but also seeks to effectively balance family and work responsibilities. Our goal is to empower them with the tools necessary to build a solid and sustainable future.
We need your support

Become a padrino

THE PADRINO PLAN is a monthly and voluntary contribution through which the program will be able to provide teenage mothers and their children in vulnerable conditions with the opportunity to improve their quality of life.

This is how we support

Our current

Prioritizing Healthy Growth

From the prenatal to the postnatal period, we provide preventive education and medical monitoring. We provide sexual health courses and individual and group therapies that promote psychological and social stability, empowering young people for healthy lives, adequate life projects and prevention of subsequent pregnancies.

Empowerment with knowledge

We lead our young mothers to complete their high school education and open the doors to technical careers aligned with their interests and the labor demands of our region. We encourage their intellectual growth by offering key training that prepares them for continued development in the workplace.

Sustainable Income for the Future

We provide guidance and training for the development of job skills and abilities that serve as bridges to facilitate the insertion of the mothers into the labor market. Connecting them with job opportunities. We guide the way to economic independence and personal development!

Building Principles

We guide young women in their role as mothers, fostering humanized parenting guidelines and strengthening emotional bonds. Likewise, through spiritual practices and activities that nourish the soul, we cultivate a space for personal growth for our mothers, promoting a conscious and balanced motherhood.

“The Nest helped me achieve my goals and improve my life.”

Lady, program student, Colombia

Vital Stats


of the mothers who complete the program do not get pregnant again within 5 years.


of the mothers who complete the program finish their secondary education.


of the mothers in the program use birth control. Outside the program, only 7% did.


of the babies born to mothers in the program have been born healthy and with 0 complications.

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    84% of our operating expenses go to fund programs for teenage mothers and their children in Colombia. So when you make a monthly gift or donation, most of your money goes to exactly what you wanted: helping teen moms.

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